Nutrition & Mindset Coach

for Mums & Mumpreneurs

Hi there! My name is Taru Merikoski.

I help Mums who are ready to have more energy & want to lose weight naturally by eating more plantbased foods. 


By incorporating more plantbased foods into the diet, you will:

  • feel & look healthier

  • lose weight naturally

  • have more energy

  • optimise your immune system

  • save money and resources

  • minimise your impact on the environment to protect the planet that we leave our children 


Because it can be overwhelming to know where to start and stay on track, my coaching programmes create a clear path for you to follow, feel informed & empowered, supported and confident about your choices to feel & see the difference in a matter of weeks. 

Transform your life with the power of plantbased nutrition 

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Nutrition & Mindset Coaching   Holistic Wellness & Meal Plans


Do you want to turn your health around and focus on achieving sustainable results that light you up from the inside?

I can help you with the mindset and the planning so that you can move forward with ease, confidence and positive outlook as you begin reaching those health goals.

You have started looking into taking care of yourself and focusing on your health before, but have found it to be exhausting and overwhelming - adding to the tiredness and confusion about health and wellbeing in your life - and now you've found me. I'm glad you have!

Because of my years of coaching experience, training and most importantly, life experience - I know how difficult it can be to finally commit to turning the ship around.


It took me years of suffering from poor health and unbalanced life to make that decision.

It was the best decision of my life.

This is why I'm so passionate about helping other Mums who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to regain control of their health and happiness with a sustainable and 'feel good' plantbased diet. 

If you find yourself at the bottom, trying to climb out by yourself shouldn't be the option. We all need help. We all need a village around us to support us through this crazy time that is parenthood.

I didn't have a village to support me then - which is why I want to be the village for you!

I can help you make it happen!


"Meeting Taru has helped me to transform my life for the better and her support and guidance, is incredibly encouraging.


Taru is more than just a nutritionist, she is a lifestyle GURU and I received the advice and support I needed to manage not only my diet but exercise, daily routines and bad habits!"

Emily B., South Bank

What working with me is like?

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My clients have said that I'm like their forever positive friend, champion and sometimes, when needed, a stern teacher who redirects and realigns the steps so that you keep moving in the right direction. 

I will work with you to create a plan that moves you towards your goals, one that you can feel aligned to. I will keep you accountable & on track. 

I'm never far from you if you need help with direction, cheering up or want to get realigned - and you can always count on my support when it's time to refocus.

Through my own health struggles, I found my balance! Now I'm on a mission to help my fellow Mamas find and improve their balance so that you can feel reconnected with YOU and be healthy for your family.


As Mums, it's so easy to push our own needs to the end of the queue. It's not fair for our children and not setting a good example.


Selfcare is the new healthcare!


Take the first step today.