About me

We all have a purpose in life. Mine is to help other Mums eat nutritional, beneficial and healing foods to increase wellbeing and create a balanced body and mind - through which we can create a more stable and healthy world that we leave for our children. ​This is why I focus on plantbased nutrition.

Having been born and raised in Finland, my feet are very much grounded in Nordic soil and I bring this peace and nature-oriented wellness approach to my clients in London and all over the world.

Before I started to professionally pursue my passion in nutrition and health coaching and became an entrepreneur, I was living in Helsinki, Finland working as an HR professional. My working life revolved around the banking sector, IT as well as recruitment, outplacement, retraining and development. None of which felt like 'my own'.

Scroll down to find information on my qualifications and a description of what I do in my nutritionist practice as well as a little bit of my history - all of which have led me to where I am today. 

Nutritionist Taru Merikoski
ArcticNut Mission

The ArcticNut™ Mission is to help Mums and Mumpreneurs all over the world to feel balanced, more energised and confident about themselves, their weight and the food they eat and feed their families with.


Future Fit School of Nutrition

RSPH Level 4 Award in Nutrition

Ofqual Qualification No: 600/6873/5

2019-2020, (level 4)

Future Fit School of Nutrition

Nutrition and Weight Management Adviser

Completed the following City&Guilds and the Association for Nutrition certified diploma courses (level 3) 2014-2015:

  • Nutrition and Weight Management Adviser

  • Behaviour Change Coaching

  • Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition

  • Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

  • Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

NLP Coaching Diploma

NLP Coaching Training Programme, 2017

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Graduated with Bachelor level degree, 2011

  • Bachelor of Business Administration,

        Human Resources Management

Member of:

In the past

Taru Merikoski

As I was suffering with IBS, the hectic working life took its toll on me physically and mentally and I wasn't eating well and had no tools to manage my wide ranging IBS symptoms. I found it very difficult to muster up energy for anything else than the absolute necessary daily tasks and work. Sleep wasn't refreshing and food was a constant source of conflicting feelings and discomfort. What changed? 


I woke up one day to realise, that I had to take control of my life and wellbeing, so I quit my job and started studying the only thing that made sense to me - nutrition and its effects on the whole person. After completing my studies, I started my business - ArcticNut - and haven't looked back. Personally, I've never felt better or more mentally and physically fit!

After having my first child in 2017, I realised that the support network for mums after birth is quite non-existent here in the UK and the need for sound nutrition and health related advice is growing. As this topic is very close to my heart, I am in the process of starting a few projects in this space in the near future. 


I believe very strongly in the healing power of food and healthy lifestyle, I'm living proof of how much of a difference living a balanced life can do. My passion is to help you find your balance too!

My approach

I am not a clinical nutritionist and unfortunately cannot help anyone treat a disease through nutrition.


But I can help you with weight management, maintaining a healthy diet, IBS management and finding your energy balance as well as guiding you on eating a balanced and fulfilling plantbased diet. 


I am not an advocate of calorie-restriction, calorie-counting or seeing your food as calories but rather encourage eating nutritional, beneficial and healing foods to increase wellbeing and a balanced body and mind. I create an individually-tailored eating plan, which is not a diet, but a realistic life-long plan of eating correctly. I can help you improve your relationship with food and lead a healthier life.


Find out more about how I can help you! 

My journey 

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a natural instinct and ability to help people. Through my personal issues with nutrition and illness I found that the food you eat really does make a huge difference for your health and the feeling of wellbeing.


When I was younger, my attitude to food was unhealthy and I did not understand how food was making me feel all these things and how it was a weapon for some of my friends, weapon against their own bodies and minds. I watched closely when my friends had food related issues and illnesses and always thought that food should be left at the sidelines and not be given such a big role in life - how wrong I was. "You are what you eat" they say. And they are right.


Coming from Finland, an arctic, cold and dark country, left me with a deep desire to find any sort of foods and vitamins that will help with coping with the harshness of the weather conditions, especially in the winter months.


This led me to believe and find out for myself, whether proper nutrition can have an effect on our state of mind as well as our bodies. 


After suffering a few years with horrid stabbing pains and stomach cramps, indigestion, water retention, bloating and constantly having to worry about having the courage to eat anything and being mentally prepared for the consequences. To say the least, I wasn't living a healthy and happy life. 


About five years ago, I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I received instruction leaflets for managing the illness, but it did nothing but confuse me about 'safe foods' as most things I had been eating up to that point were on the 'forbidden' list.  Getting the diagnosis was a relief, to some degree, but I began to realise there was physically "nothing wrong with me" except that my gastrointestinal tract couldn't really handle any foods and eating was a pain.

Learning the hard way 

For years after the diagnosis, I experimented with foods that my stomach would cope with and many it didn't. I tried all the fab, exotic "superfoods" hoping they would help and get me on top of things again, but time and time again, none of these quick fixes did anything but rob my wallet. 


I learned the hard way that changing my basic eating habits was the only way to sustain a healthy body and mind. I haven't looked back. 


As with most things in life, one does not simply decide to ignore the obvious. One might not understand to focus on the important until something comes along and brings it to focus. This is what happened with me and food, I was made to understand that you are what you eat, whether you want it or not - and it can either make you or break you.



Learning about the positive effect nutrition has on the body’s natural ability to heal itself and the effect it was having on me, I developed a desire to help others discover the same benefits.


Studying and becoming a qualified nutritional adviser provided me with the knowledge and the medium to help others discover the healing power of proper nutrition. Find out more about how I can help you.