Ordering a Diet Review

To order a Nutrition and Diet Review, please

1) Fill out the quick contact form below.

2) Click "Buy now" payment link and follow the Paypal instructions.

3) Follow next steps on this page.


Please note: Because this product is delivered digitally, purchases are non-refundable.

Payment and confirmation

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Diet Review only £69 

(RRP £100)

What happens next.... 

1) Contact details and payment sent. You have secured yourself an important toolkit that will help you to reach your goals.

2) Speaking of goals; please fill out a Basic Information Form.

3) Start thinking of your daily habits and consider the possible 4 typical days for you to fill into the Food Diary. These days do not have to be consecutive. You will be sent a link to the food diary once Basic Information Form has been received. 


Please take a look at some examples of the Diet Analysis document that will be sent to you once you have completed the Food Diary. 

As you can see from the snippets in the slideshow, the Diet Analysis Report is very thorough and covers a broad range of the components that make up a diet, healthy or not. 


All of the macro- and micronutrients are explained in detail alongside the intake figures of each nutrient in your diet (based on your Food Diary logs).

Filling out the Food Diary is a bit of work, but it's very eye opening and also a crucial step in the process of evaluating the current status of your diet. Without the evaluation, it's a gamble knowing which way to take your dietary evolution. 

Do consider the time invested in the logging of the Food Diary as time devoted to improving your health and wellbeing. 

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