MamaWorks Terms and Conditions

Welcome to MamaWorksKT - Mums' CoWorking Community.

If you are thinking of joining the community, then please read these terms and conditions. 

Below is an outline of the terms and conditions of being a Member of MamaWorks. These can and will be amended as the community grows and matures, please be sure to revisit the terms every so often.

The sole aim of the MamaWorks community is to provide flexible, sociable and efficient working space and the feeling of belonging to a stable community to mums like myself. So, everything will be kept as flexible as possible, without compromising the community. 

Minimum subscription

No minimum subscription necessary. Sign up to as many sessions or none at all. 

In August, there will be a 3 month membership available with as many sessions as you like for a single 3-month membership fee.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds

In case of cancellation from our place of co-working, we will arrange another location or refund £10 per session.

If a member decides to cancel the membership, and they haven't yet used their co-working sessions, they can get a 50% discount. The only reason we cannot give a full refund is that the arrangements for the co-working locations are made in advance and therefore certain fees apply. 

More than 2 session per month

Looking to co-work more than the 2 sessions per month that are included in your membership? The 4 session membership option will be available in August for those who want to co-work every week.


Currently the only option is to request this from Taru via email and pay for each session separately (£11 each). 




Feel free to email us at or connect via social media.