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If you need some help with creating the balanced diet that will work for you personally and give you energy to run your life instead of draining it, be sure to read below how these easy yet effective tools can help you.



Diet Analysis (from 3 day Food Diary)

By keeping a 3 day food diary, you can gain incredible insight into your diet and the carbs, proteins, fats and vitamin intakes as well as information about WHAT YOU NEED MORE IN YOUR DIET TO FEEL MORE ENERGISED and start losing the extra weight that you have been carrying around with you. 

Consider this an investment into your wellbeing. Knowing where you stand with your current diet helps you to begin changing your habits - knowledge is motivation. 


The thorough Diet Analysis report will be delivered to your email inbox within 1 working day of received Food Diary. 


Individual Meal Plan

After you have done your Food Diary and received your Diet Analysis, you can kickstart your weightloss journey by purchasing an Individual Meal Plan, which will include all you need to eat, how much of and when.


The plan will be made tailored to your requirements, ie. if you need more of certain vitamins or protein, what sort of carbs you should be having more of and most importantly, how much of which you should consume within a day to keep feeling full and lose weight at the same time. 

Here's an example of a 1800kcal/day Meal Plan for you to look through - it gives you a rough idea what you can expect with a 1 day Meal Plan.

Tailored Menu Plan (1 week)

Busy and short on time, when it comes to planning, cooking and eating? Don't worry! 


A Tailored Menu Plan is a weekly plan designed for convenience and sustainability. Starting from breakfast through to dinner, and the snacks and lunch in between. Everything is planned for you to be able to fit into your busy days.


To lose weight or to get your energy balance back on track, you need to be eating a balanced diet with foods from all the food groups, eating often enough to keep energy levels in check and above all else, to make sure it's making you feel good. 


You get all this sorted out for you with a tailored Menu Plan, with all the meals and snacks planned for you by a professional. Your likes and dislikes will be taken into consideration. 

'Feeding a Tricky Toddler' Menu Plan (1 week)

This one is for the whole family but it will also make feeding your toddler a balanced, healthy diet much easier as you can rest assured, that the menu is diverse, interesting and what they need to fuel the non-stop activity. 

Also suitable for older kids.

Exceptionally tasty, healthy, balanced and fully vegan Menu Plan for you and the whole family, including babies and children.

Menu Plan to inspire even non-vegans to eat vegan for at least a week.

Here's an example of what a Vegan Menu Plan for a week can look like for you. Including recipes for the meals and snacks.

Vegan Menu Plan (1 week)
IBS Friendly Menu Plan (1 week)

Individually tailored Menu Plan that's designed to ease IBS symptoms and give you more energy to run your life. 


Each plan is for a week (7 days) and includes everything from breakfast to dinner and snacks in between. All you need to do is prepare, enjoy and feel energised! 

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