Welcome to Mumpreneurs Meal Plan Club

The Club is for Mums who run their own businesses and for those Mums who work for others, but find themselves often lacking the time or energy to devote enough resources to healthy family meal planning - and feel like they could use the help to improve the family's wellbeing and energy levels.

Why join?

By joining this club, you can remove a lot of stress and anxiety that comes with family meal planning. Especially for us mums who run our own businesses alongside the family life - planning meals and mealtimes can be quite a task.


We often don't have that regular 30-60 minutes of commute time in the morning and afternoon to ourselves, where we can sit and relax or use that time to plan our weekly shop and the meals we'll make for the family. 

Less time, more energy

The subscription service is for busy mums who care about what goes onto their plates and what the family puts in their mouths. The aim of the club is to provide tools that save time, money and energy from mums who are already stretched thin. All of the recipes are designed so that they can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Mumpreneurs Meal Plan Club

​What does the Meal Plan Club offer? 

  • all plans designed by Nutrition Coach Taru

  • eat a healthier, more balanced diet

  • save money and time

  • 5 different meal plans to choose from each month

  • vegan and vegetarian and gluten free options available

  • plans include all recipes and shopping lists

  • price for 1 month is less than the cost of a dinner meal
  • no need to sign up for on-going subscription, you can pick and choose when you want to enjoy the service