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My name is Taru and am a registered Nutrition Coach, specialised in helping Mums and Mumpreneurs find a balance with their weight, energy levels and build a healthy relationship with food that supports long term results. 

With all the contradictory food and health related information out there, I focus on helping you make sense of the jungle of nutrition related information and teach you to know what specifically works for you. 


What is Nutrition Coaching? 


Nutrition Coaching helps you make the best choices possible for your health & wellbeing. A coaching session can assist you in addressing any healthy eating & healthy lifestyle concerns or struggles you may have. It’s all specific to the individual: we all have unique dietary and nutritional requirements - as well as leading a life that is unique to you. 


Coaching is a process that I use to facilitate individual change and development.


As your coach, I help you:

  • focus on what is most important to you

  • prompt you into thinking about the past choices and how they’ve shaped you

  • motivate you to unlock the inner resources you have

  • unblock limiting beliefs

  • redirect negative thoughts and habits into positive action

  • keep you accountable and support you

  • inspire you to reach your health goals and maintain them

  • celebrate your wins like my own


The emotional and physical breakthroughs that you will have come from the sessions we have, the support, the small changes you implement and most importantly, from your mindset shifting into ‘can do’ mode.


My tailored, Nordic 'no fuss and no frills’ approach is straightforward and relatable. After having my son and struggling to find the balance as a Mum; even with my years of experience and training - I understood that we can’t do it alone. This is why it’s my absolute passion to help my fellow Mums and Mumpreneurs to find the balance with their health and happiness. As much for the sake of them as for the children they raise and for the planet that we call our home. My practice focuses on plant-based nutrition and how we can all benefit from eating a balanced, plant-based diet. 



Read what others have said about my coaching here.

What to expect from the Nutrition Coaching process

Before you sign up to a programme with me, I offer you a free 30 minute Health Assessment call to fully understand your requirements and to get to know you.


If we agree that we are a good match to work together, we will agree on the most suitable programme option for you, the right payment plan and set the date for the first coaching session so that you can get started right away.

During the initial consultation, I will be asking you a series of questions to understand your health history, your current symptoms, diet and lifestyle.


Then we will discuss specific goals you may want to focus on. After each coaching session, I will send you a summary of what we discussed and what your actions are for the next week, that will take us closer to your goal. It can include foods to introduce into your existing diet to support your specific needs and lifestyle advise to help you make the change.


A bit about how I work

I work to support my clients. We agree realistic steps together and I offer unlimited support to ensure maximum progress. This support is available for you via email / Whatsapp.

My approach is Nordic, 'no frills & no fuss', supportive and tailored to you.


I am particularly interested in plantbased nutrition in a family environment, weight management, stress management and managing digestive issues such as IBS. All of these are issues I have dealt with myself as well, so they are very close to my heart. 


Poor diet and hectic lifestyles are affecting health, work and social life. With good nutrition, lifestyle advice and mindset

coaching, I can help you regain control and love food and life again.


I know that food can be nourishing and healing. I love empowering people about good food as well as providing them with the tools to look after their own health. 


Are you ready to improve your diet and feel healthy and happy again? 

Have questions or just want to chat about your diet and lifestyle? Send me a message!

Cancellations: I know and appreciate that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled. However, I ask that you give me 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel a consultation session. Should you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice, a full fee may be charged.


Disclaimer: Nutrition Coaching does not replace, only compliments, your usual consultations with your doctor, in particular in relation to permanent symptoms requiring medical supervision. I may give information or guidance that could create a positive change and such information or guidance is given for your consideration. Although I will be as supportive and helpful as possible in all change processes and decision-making, any resulting choices and changes made by you remain your personal and legal responsibility. 


"I am so thankful to you, Taru, I don’t know how long I would have suffered if you haven’t coached me. I feel so much better now, I am more in control of my wellbeing because I know which things do me good and which - harm.."


Founder of MamaWorksKT - Mums' CoWorking Community with flexible childcare.

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