1 small choice a day

With all that's going on in our lives, it can seem hard to focus on making a change.. knowing where to start is what's keeping us stuck in that unhappy place.

It's very hard to see HOW you can make this change - unless you break it down to VERY SMALL, actionable steps that you can take, that all lead you in the right direction.

This may just mean making 1 small choice each day differently than you did before.

"sources suggest that the average person makes an eye-popping 35,000 choices per day"

If you consider this BIG PICTURE for a minute. You make an average of 2000 choices each hour of your waking time. Consciously deciding that you'll change one of these for a choice that will start leading you in the right direction.

When you consciously choose an action, you snap out of autopilot and realise that most of these choices are made my circumstances and external factors - it will empower you to take back control.

By starting to change 1 small thing in our daily lives that leads towards the positive goal, it eventually turns into snowball effect of positive little actions that just keep giving you more control, more self trust and after a while, more results.

Imagine a snowball of positive, little actions rolling down a hill... it gets larger and larger with more snow of positive, little actions and it keeps moving faster and faster - more powerfully and more determined to move past any obstacle.

The most important factor we all need to consider with any change is that LONG-LASTING RESULTS TAKE TIME TO BUILD/GROW - so being patient is key.

Let me give you an example of what a micro action may look like if you're trying to gain more energy and lose some weight..

If you're not usually having breakfast, begin the day by eating a slice of something you enjoy - and calling it breakfast. That's it.

Then after a while, take 2 bites / slices every morning. And as your appetite for breakfast grows, that conscious action becomes the norm and you no longer have to make that choice - your body will guide you.

Why did I start talking about breakfast and weight loss?

How you restart your digestive system after the night's rest has a huge impact on your energy levels, your appetite and mood during the day ahead... which will impact the weight management goals you have. Either positively or negatively.

This is why taking small steps is the way forward.

We want to create empowerment, not resistance. And by taking too much of a leap in a new direction, we can easily create resistance instead of positive results.

If you haven't yet booked yourself in for a FREE discovery call with me to discuss what your first small step in the right direction could look like - do so today - and make that your first small positive action.

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