Smoothie Bowls


Is your breakfast routine stuck in a rut - tired of the same old muesli or porridge? Mix things up a bit in the morning with a bowl full of goodness and colour that will fuel you for hours. How could you say no to something this vibrant?

Making a bowl of smoothie is very easy and it can cater to all tastes and food orientations, if you’re vegan, you could for example make your smoothie from frozen bananas (then it’d be called nana ice cream) and if you like yoghurt, you can mix natural yoghurt with your choice of fruit puree or jam (please choose ones which have no added sugar = they only contain the sugar found naturally in the fruit or berry) or good old berries. There are thousands of delicious recipes out there to suit every need and subject on how much time you have and what sort of ingredients you wish to use, so go explore or invent your own.

Because of all the options out there, it’s hard to explain all the benefits of switching up your typical breakfast routine to a smoothie bowl every now and then – I will focus on one example recipe – tadaa – the pictured blueberry smoothie bowl.

This heavenly blueberry smoothie bowl is suitable for V, GL and L diets as it can be made from gluten free oats and almond milk instead of dairy. To prepare this blissful morning meal, simply soak your oats in almond milk overnight and in the morning, mix in your blueberries and a banana if you wish. A diet rich in fibre has been shown to help in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and keeping you feeling full for longer. You can put some walnuts on top to add some omega 3 to your breakfast as well as sprinkling some sesame seeds to increase the intake of healthy unsaturated fats.

Overall the blueberry smoothie bowl will provide you with a good source of energy to fuel your body, fibre to keep your gut in great working order, healthy fats and a load of antioxidants and vitamins. On top of that, it looks and tastes awesome.

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