Halloween – trick or treat?

Trick with a treat I would say! With Halloween right around the corner, we are bombarded with delicious looking recipes of orange coloured treats and discounts for Halloween sweets.. You might find it difficult to navigate the Halloween treat jungle and just end up buying all sorts without really thinking about it… I dare you to try your hand at making the treats yourself.

If you can find an hour in the evening during the week or the Saturday morning to spend on preparing your own Halloween goodies, you’ll feel like a domestic goddess, create fresh, tasty goodies and maybe learn a thing or two about yourself in the process, so why not give it a go? If all else fails, you get the smell of freshly baked goodies floating around which is always almost half of the experience anyways, right?

A Halloween staple is of course the pumpkin. Unfortunately according to some news outlets, we in the UK are facing a pumpkin shortage this year and instead of using pumpkins for Halloween treats, it is suggested that people use turnips instead. Whether you want to use pumpkins or turnips, the internet is full of easy, quick recipes to whip up a treat… Like the trusty carrot cake (you can also use pumpkins!) Both are rich in beta-carotene, which is very good for the eyes, skin and the immune system, among other things.

For a healthier carrot/pumpkin cake, try to replace some of the sugar with crushed almonds and fruit puree or even soaked chia seeds. To get a sweeter taste without all the sugar, add a generous amount of cinnamon and maybe even some vanilla powder. For the frosting, try Total 0% yogurt and sprinkle some spices on top.

Keeping things simple is the key to success!

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