A jolly and worry-free Christmas

The festive Christmas time is often a joy and a dread, even to most diehard Christmas fans. This period is mixed with stress and a need to unwind + bucket loads of delicious, filling food everywhere. No wonder it can be a little bit overwhelming!

Worry not, with a little bit of preparation, you can glide through the holiday season with ease and enjoy it without the guilt!

Firstly, be aware of yourself and your eating triggers. You know yourself best, if you stop and listen. You will find it easier navigating all the tempting foods, drinks and leftovers. Know and remind yourself what it feels like to be full and make sure to keep your blood sugar balanced, so “saving space” for dinnertime isn’t a wise move. It will make you eat way more than you would, if you kept energy levels stable.

Secondly, prepare in advance and arm yourself with proven, easily respected approaches that still keep you grounded when you are celebrating the festive season. This doesn’t mean you’re not allowing yourself to have fun, it only means that you’re not completely ditching looking after yourself during the holidays. It is possible to do both and feel great!

Keep this checklist in mind when you plan your Christmas period.

  1. Remember to sleep (try to get at least 7hrs per night)

  2. Don’t forget the healthy breakfast

  3. Stay active – you can try different forms of exercise, ie. Hiking

  4. Make sure to drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses)

  5. Find time to calm down and relax (maybe just by yourself)

  6. You don’t have to find the time to do everything right now (even though it’s the holiday season)

  7. ENJOY yourself

By letting your body relax and recharge each night with a good night’s sleep, maybe even catching up on some lost sleep and finding time to fill your lungs with fresh air, lubricating your body with plenty of water and doing the things you love, you will find it easier to balance out the temptations.

If you treat yourself to a good, filling, healthy breakfast, drink lots of water and think of your favourite foods, which ones you actually like and which ones you eat because of tradition or because your Mum made them.. Why not suggest that you’ll make some of the foods this year so Mum doesn’t have to? This is a good way to ensure you can influence what goes into the foods – and in the process, you might even inspire the family to try a different approach! Give it a go, it might turn out to be your new tradition!

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