Feeling intolerant?

Have you been suffering from uncomfortable bloating, obtrusive flatulence or find that you have to visit the loo more often than you’d like? If the answer is yes, there is a chance that you are suffering from food intolerance. You are not alone!

According to the NHS “Around one or two people out of every 100 in the UK have a food allergy, but food intolerance is more common.”

What exactly is food intolerance and where does it come from? Is it life threatening? Is it the same thing as having a food allergy?

A food allergy is a quick and potentially serious reaction to a food by your immune system. It can trigger typical allergy symptoms such as a rash, wheezing and itching – when it’s serious, it can be life threatening.

With food intolerances, on the other hand, the symptoms tend to come on more slowly, often after many hours since the problem food has been eaten. Classic symptoms include bloating and stomach cramps. It’s also possible to be intolerant to several different foods, which can make identifying the trigger foods difficult.

Due to the similarity of symptoms, it can be difficult to tell apart a food intolerance and other digestive disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease IBD and irritable bowel syndrome IBS. If symptoms persist, it is advisable to see a GP to rule out any serious illnesses.

If you suspect that you are suffering from food intolerance, the only reliable way of identifying intolerance is through an exclusion diet – where specific foods are cut out completely one at a time to see whether there is an effect. This can be a very complicated process and doing it by yourself can seem daunting… there is help available and guidance regarding where to start, what to expect and how to maintain a normal life while on the exclusion diet – and most importantly, how to still include a wide variety of foods in your diet to avoid missing out on essential nutrients.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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