Eat Mindfully

Being mindful about food, work, free time and sleep is an important part of finding a balance in life. When you are mindful, you are fully present in the moment and are non-judgmental. Being mindful means you are listening to your body, all the little messages your muscles, digestive tract, nose, ears and tongue are sending you. In today’s hustle and bustle, social and environmental distractions and pressures can easily crowd out these important messages; which can create an imbalance in the body in the form of stress, overeating, sleep problems or illness.

A way to tackle this is to focus on mindfulness and physical presence. It’s easy to be distanced from actual feelings of hunger and thirst and confuse these feelings with each other or the perception of being hungry or thirsty. So when it comes to being mindful about food, keep these 5 points in mind:

  1. Change out of autopilot – Notice if you’ve got stuck in a rut or a specific routine. Does it work for you?

  2. Take mindful mouthfuls – When you eat, stop whatever else you were doing, bring all of your senses to the table, breathe in the aroma of the food, note the texture and really taste what you put in your mouth.

  3. Focused eating – Make eating a priority rather than a chore you do on the side. Try to avoid multitasking eating with something else you were doing.

  4. Hunger check – Before eating, really stop and check how hungry you are on a scale from 1 to 10. Are you really physically hungry or just mentally feeling like you need to eat?

  5. Reflect mindfully – Observe and note your critical thoughts about food and eating, they are only thoughts, you don’t need to act on them – you can decide to prove them wrong.

Being focused on your eating habits is like putting money in the bank. You might not notice a difference right away, but every little mindful thought is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

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