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We all love to have a snack between our meals and most of us know that it's important to think about what you are snacking on. Snacking is vital when you want to avoid that in-between meal energy crash that will destroy your concentration and make normal tasks become big obstacles. Once you've balanced your energy levels, the tasks seem conquerable again. It's quite simple! The important thing to remember with snacking is to make sure that all snacks are quite small and provide good, slow-releasing energy.

Eating snacks in-between meals is especially good for people whose digestive system flares up easily if there's long breaks between meals, which usually means that meal sizes are bigger when you only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just make sure to keep snacks small and healthy!

Here you can find a few suggestions for that light, in-between-meals snack you need and want to have.


Not all oatcakes are created equal. Be sure to check the ingredients list for added nasties that won't provide you with anything useful but instead just be fillers that your body doesn't need or cannot use. If you want some toppings on your oatcakes, try something like mashed avocado or a slab of peanut butter.

With oatcakes, the possibilities are endless and I would really recommend trying your favourite toppings on them instead of toast for snacks. Toast bread is usually made of processed wheat, which isn't very good for the digestive system.

A great oatcake doesn't have anything beside wholegrain oats and some oil and a raising agent. My personal favourite is Nairn's Organic Oatcakes or their Black Pepper Oatcakes for that little bit of spiciness.

Also another easy and portable option would be to try:

A handful of nuts and an apple

A great, healthy and easy snack is a combination of an apple and a handful of nuts. It is a very portable snack option that stays fresh in your bag all day.

Make sure not to go overboard with the amount of nuts as they contain lots of calories. Combining apples with nuts provides you with some good carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins as well as good fats that will keep you feeling full for longer.

Did you know that apples are a great source of the mineral potassium? As potassium plays a central role in energy production and in transport of messages across cell membranes, it's vital for nerve transmission and electrical signals, which control heart rhythm.

More snack ideas to follow, stay tuned!

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