Spring Clean Your Diet

Have you looked into your kitchen or on your plate in the bright spring sunshine and were not happy with what’s looking back? Don’t worry, spring is a great time to clean up your diet, kitchen, lifestyle and diary!

Changing everything at once is not a good idea, but starting with a good spring clean of your diet goes a long way to help with other stressors in your life. A good, clean, individually suitable and balanced diet does wonders to your energy levels, sleep quality, work efficiency and perhaps even a lagging libido.

What does a good, clean, individually suitable and balanced diet mean then? It means that you get your energy from foods that suit you individually, are clean, fresh and offer a wide variety of different nutrients to keep you energised. Eating a varied diet has huge health benefits, short- and long term. So it’s definitely something you do want to invest in!

Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.

How can you achieve such a diet?

This all depends on your starting level, but focusing on one area/goal at a time is the way to go. If you get inspired and want to overhaul everything at the same time, you will find it difficult to assimilate the new habits into your daily routines. Slow and steady does it!

Where should I start?

You can start by evaluating your diet. Firstly, consider how many meals you make for yourself in a week and how many are made by someone/something else? You may wonder why this matters, but as a whole, homemade meals are always better for your body, your wallet and even your daily schedules.

Secondly, you can evaluate the daily amount of fruits and vegetables and fluids you consume? You should be eating at least five portions of (different) fruits and vegetables a day and drinking at least 8 glasses of water. (If you don’t know what counts as a portion, get in touch or find guidelines on NHS Choices)

Thirdly, count your sugars and fats! What type of fats are you regularly consuming and how much? Is your diet covertly full of refined sugars?

Well, how did you do?

If you are ready to say no to unhealthy, unappealing and outright terrible foods and lifestyle and instead welcome a balanced, inspiring, tasty and budget friendly diet with a holistic approach – get in touch with Taru today.

She will teach you how to eat a healthy, individually suitable and balanced diet without dieting or counting calories.

More to follow, watch this space!

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