Recognising the Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – series, post 1.

If you think you have IBS and have suffered with unsettling symptoms, worried about not being able to do the things you want to do because you might not make it to a loo in time or the stomach pains are draining all energy out – now is an excellent time to start improving your life.

Where to start? Read the typical symptoms list below, make a note of which symptoms you’ve suffered with, how often and when.

If you suffer from IBS symptoms, such as;

  • Stomach pains and cramping, which may be relieved by having a bowel movement

  • A change in your bowel habits – such as diarrhoea, constipation, or sometimes both

  • Bloating and swelling of your stomach

  • Excessive wind (flatulence)

  • Occasionally experiencing an urgent need to go to the toilet

  • A feeling that you have not fully emptied your bowels after going to the toilet

(Source NHS)

In addition the to main symptoms, above, some people with IBS suffer other symptoms as well. These can be;

  • A lack of energy (lethargy)

  • Feeling sick

  • Backache

  • Bladder problems (such as needing to wake up to urinate at night, experiencing an urgent need to urinate and difficulty fully emptying the bladder)

(Source NHS)

You should see your GP if you think you have IBS – to rule out any more serious conditions.

The different symptoms of IBS can also have a significant impact on a person’s everyday life and create a feeling of being an outsider and cause psychological distress. This results to many IBS sufferers feeling anxiety and even depression.

Wondering about what triggers your symptoms and even if they’re real, can truly make anyone anxious and feel alone. You do not have to face it alone!

Learning to balance your diet and lifestyle are the key components to successfully managing IBS symptoms and eventually, living symptom free. Approaching the topic with a holistic methodology and finding the individual triggers in your diet and lifestyle creates sustainable results.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help!


Once you have seen your GP and received a diagnosis for IBS – get in touch and let me help you get your life back. I’ve personally been through it and can’t highlight enough how big of a difference learning to manage your IBS does to your life. You literally do get your life back!

So let me help you! Get in touch today, contact

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