Diet: Sorted!

If you’re a busy professional commuting daily to work and have to be at the office for most of your time awake, you must not have a lot of time to spare on running the other aspects of your life. It’s not an easy task to only have 2-3hrs of free time during the working week to get in your exercise, social activities and cooking. It’s not easy but can be done with some planning and prioritising.

By concentrating on improving one of these aspects at a time, you can accomplish a more balanced weekly routine. Naturally, I would start with the diet – as balancing the diet will allow you to have more energy to focus on the other aspects.

Get started

Pick a week and start with writing down the things you have planned for the week. Next, pick 2 days from the working week when you can dedicate 30-45min to cooking. Found them? Good!


Then all you need to do is pick two recipes you feel comfortable doing during the week (preferably no new recipes here). Ensure these foods are something that can be made in big batches, like soups or oven bakes. Order/shop your groceries for these meals along with your normal choices for snacks and pantry items and schedule your cooking nights in.

My personal favourites for the week are 1 soup (usually a pureed veggie soup) and then 1 grain salad (usually quinoa or farro). These both can be made in big batches so that you can easily enjoy them 2 times for dinner and 2 times for lunch as well (if needed).


Ensure you have lots of fresh vegetables at the ready so you can always mix in something different into your salads if you feel like changing things up during the week. Spend some time doing this for each week, alternating a few favourite recipes each week to get some variety.

Making sure you get enough variety in your meals and saving time and money go hand in hand with the planning.

Include at least 3 colours of vegetables in every meal and if you can, have some of them raw. By doing this bit of planning on a weekly basis, you will save a lot of valuable time and money + you’ll be able to eat a healthy diet. It’s a winning combo!

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