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In this blog post I’m going to cover a topic very close to my heart, one that I personally wasn’t aware of a few years ago but know now to be married with the everyday clean, natural food choices you make. You are what you eat they say, but you also are what you put on your skin. Can you say you know and recognise all the ingredients in your skincare or household products?

Once you know the health benefits of choosing clean, natural, preferably organic ingredients to put on your plate, the choice is quite an easy one to make. Avoiding chemicals and unnatural, unnecessary ingredients in our food is incredibly important for our health and wellbeing and understanding this connection opens the door to another hugely significant health choice: what you put on your skin. It’s not only what you eat that matters, but also what you put on your skin and surround yourself with.

Think of all the products you may use or come into contact with on a daily basis; clothes, cleansers, moisturisers, fragrances, harshly treated water, deodorant, household cleaning products… the list is very long!

You might wonder what difference it makes what you put on your skin as long as you eat healthy, right?

If I tell you that approximately 60% of what you put on your skin, ends up inside your body – would that make you think about the topical products you use?

Realising this made me go on a frantic cupboard cleanse years ago, I checked all our skincare products and our household products as well as what was sold as ‘natural products’ for their ingredients. To say the least, I was shocked to the core. I had been putting such an unbelievable amount of chemicals onto my skin over the years!

After the shock of the cleanse, I was forced to rethink all of the products in the house and find alternatives with natural, understandable ingredients to replace them. To be honest, this process took me quite a while to actually find good products that would do what they needed to do without harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients but I’ve now found peace with a few trustworthy brands that work and are clean and natural. Yes, they don’t all smell as rosy as the chemically loaded ones do but they do grow on you with time.

I’m glad to say that as part of my Holistic Wellness Coaching business, I’m also now able to help you sort out your skincare troubles. Get in touch to learn more!

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