Information Overload

With all the information out there on what to eat and what not to eat to be healthy, lose weight and have more energy – one can be forgiven for trying to filter out any new information on the topic. I’m not here to tell you what you need to eat or not to eat, there’s no magic list of superfoods that will cure your ailments or make you lose those extra pounds. Sorry, let me correct - yes there is! These lists are everywhere and promise to bring all sorts of results.

Let’s be clear, you don’t need to eat specific food items to reach your goal. What you need to do is to find a balance with all the food groups, specific food items and variety in your diet and lifestyle. It’s not as challenging as it may sound, but it does require systematic evaluation and planning – making one little change at a time and sticking to the already conquered little changes.

Small changes, big impact

As an example, if you’re not used to eating breakfast at all, start slowly by introducing a small handful of nuts into your morning routine. You allow yourself to adjust for at least a week or two to this new habit, then, when you feel like the nuts are a normal part of your morning, you’ve succeeded in making a small breakfast a habit. Next, you add a piece of fruit or another handful of something easy to nibble on along with the nuts. Again, allow time to adjust and create a habit that doesn’t feel like something arduous.

By slowly easing yourself into the new routine, your body will adjust its energy requirements and you’ll find it easier to balance your energy levels come lunchtime and afternoon. By eating breakfast, you kick-start your body and metabolism for the day ahead.

“Research suggests people who eat breakfast are slimmer because they tend to eat less during the day, especially high-calorie snacks.” NHS UK

After some time, your morning appetite will naturally increase and you will most likely start craving that breakfast that used to be such a challenge to get down. You might also notice you eat less throughout the day and feel less hungry at mealtimes.

Instead of trying to follow all the conflicting information out there on what food items to eat and what to avoid for weight loss or increased energy, try to keep in mind a simple rule *ENJOY IN MODERATION*.

Never trust any ‘drop everything and switch to this’ kind of advice, rather focus on getting an intake of a wide range of different fruits and vegetables, plant based proteins, slow releasing quality carbohydrates and choosing unsaturated (plants) instead of saturated fats (animal source).

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