Spring Fresh

The first day of April is just around the corner, trees and flowers are blooming and grass it radiantly green – and the sunshine, ah, how the spring sunshine feels like a long lost friend.

All of this new light and energy is bound to make you think about your choices and current lifestyle… it’s only natural, we wake up after the dark, cold winter months and realise that there have been a lot of things skipped or pushed back because of the season and the lack of energy. Use that momentary burst of ‘change energy’ for good!

When was the last time you checked your diet and re-evaluated how you eat compared to your lifestyle? April is the time to do it, if you’ve yet to make it happen.

Start today by taking a piece of paper and a pen with you when you go to work, document everything you ate or drunk, how you felt and how hungry you were at the time. Keep doing this for ONE week.

After you’ve finished with your week of food diary keeping, first of all, do you notice anything you would mark ‘out of the ordinary’? Does it occur more than once in your diary? Now, count your fruit and veg portions each day. Do you get to 5 or more each day?

Now check your water intake. Consistently hitting the recommended 6-8 glasses per day? If not, notice any specific reason why?

Final thing to check: do you eat often enough, starting with breakfast? If you find yourself skipping meals and ‘saving’ for later, consider changing this behaviour – even for a week.

These above mentioned are the basic things to check in one’s diet when looking for a more balanced and healthy way to eat and live. If you want more detailed and thorough analysis and recommendations based on your food diary, pop an email to Taru at ArcticNut.

Please remember that there is no one-size fits all solution when it comes to diets and weight management, we are all individuals and your diet should represent this.

Get in to the spring spirit and get shifting!

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