Back to coaching!

It has been almost a year and a half since, in June 2017 I set off on another, very important and life changing project. This time has gone by so quickly and has included so many phenomenal experiences; there is no way of describing it. Quite simply, it has been a learning curve that opens up the world in a new, remarkable way.

Having children changes many things, some you are able to prepare for and most you are not. As a person who adores organising, arranging and planning, I was in for a ride. Having a child takes planning and organising onto another sphere and finding a way to keep everything running smoothly while taking care of little people is quite a challenge. There are so many new levels in the planning and organising for a family with children (and maybe also pets) that HELP, any sort of help, is very much welcomed or even necessary.

Helping hand

Accepting and welcoming help where it’s available has been crucial in being able to care for a family, running a home, up keeping a social life (I know, what’s that?), staying active and starting work again. It does take a village. This is why I’m glad to be able to offer a helping hand to fellow parents, who need some help with finding a balance with their weight, energy levels or IBS symptoms. Some may only benefit from family meal planning support to make sure everyone is enjoying a balanced and nutritious diet. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or just a simple question you’re after, I’d be happy to help!

New Year, new possibilities await!

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