New Year and Real Resolutions

Now that the year 2018 has come to an end and we’ve welcomed the New Year each in our own ways – it’s crucial to look forward to the months ahead. Not necessarily to make New Years’ resolutions, but to plan ahead and think hard about what you would like to achieve in the first 6 months of the New Year.

We’re all bombarded with new diets to try and exercises to take a shot at when the New Year rolls around in order to “get a grip and lose that Christmas bloat” and to be honest, it isn’t making anyone’s life any easier or inspiring anyone to actually better their lives, is it? It’s just making everyone feel guilty about the life they’ve led last year. I’m all about starting afresh and genuinely believe that it’s never too late to make that jump into living a healthier life..

Real resolutions

That being said, if you are into making a New Year’s resolution, it’s not a bad thing. Just make sure you make a resolution that’s manageable and sensible. Nothing unobtainable or ridiculously demanding.. otherwise you’ll end up ditching it before you even go back to work after the holidays.

If you feel like you want to sort out your diet or lifestyle come the New Year, go for it! But make sure to make a resolution that’s tiered and the first level is very easy to accomplish. Then the next tier can be a bit more challenging and the next even more, just make sure you’re able to accomplish the previous level first.

Focus time

Give yourself enough time, making a change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to make something a habit (good or bad). Don’t be too hard on yourself, making an effort to change is a positive thing – try not to force anything by picking a resolution that you think you should make, instead make a resolution that you WANT to make.

By focusing on you and your own expectations, you can achieve a goal that is actually achievable. I’m not one to recommend any major changes overnight and definitely don’t want you to expect to see changes in a day or two – you might, if you choose your goal and steps needed carefully.


If you’ve not set yourself a goal (or resolution) yet, here’s a friendly suggestion. This is not something you change overnight, but starting slowly, easing into it, you’ll definitely feel and see the difference.

Adding more colour to your plate doesn’t need to be a resolution, but it’s a great one to pick if you’re going to commit to one. Firstly, count where you stand at the beginning. Is it 2-3 portions of fruit and veg a day? What colours?

Secondly, aim to add 1 new portion to your diet per week. Think about all your mealtimes and usual choices – where is it easiest to add? Maybe you devour your breakfast porridge without anything that resembles a colour… or maybe your snack times are in need of a colour boost. Then, pick the colour you are still missing from your diet – whether it’s orange, blue or red, choose an easy option to begin with. Maybe you want to add something easy and smooth at first – like blueberries or a banana or mango.

Now that you’ve chosen a colour, food item and time of day to add it to – you are ready to start executing your plan. Focus on it and make it work, one week at a time. Next week, add another colour & maybe a different mealtime. Repeat.

Plan ahead

The resolution recommendation is a super simple yet extremely beneficial change in anyone’s diet. I talk about colours, to keep this simple, but of course, it’s more than just colours that you are adding to your life – these colours bring so many positive changes in your body that it would take another 2 pages to get started on it.

Just believe me when I say that everyone could use more colours on their plate – your body will thank you later.

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