3 Step Plan to Healthy Eating

As we're starting yet another week in lockdown and I've been getting so many questions about how to eat healthy while stationed at home with kids who are getting restless.

In my private Facebook community: Mama Collective: Plantbased Energy & Confidence - I've been sharing a lot of tips about how to stay healthy during this odd time.

Let's focus on what is in your control (not what isn't)!

In order to eat well during this unusual and challenging time, many are resorting to 'temporary measures'.... but as this temporary time seems to be extending and the 'return to normal' moving further away from us.

Now is a good time to start focusing on what we can control and optimise our diets, so that we're best equipped to deal with the demands of family & work - while being together 24/7.

Here's a quick guide for you to get started on eating well while at home.

Focus on 3 things

In order to make positive changes, we must take it easy and not try to change too many things at the same time...

1. Eat more colours

Count colours and eat the rainbow at every meal. Again, may sound too simple, but is really is about increasing the good stuff in your diet - and not trying to cut the unhealthy things out. By focusing on the positive changes, your mind will start to associate these changes with the increased feel-good-moments and therefore, you'll be more likely to keep going with it.

My top tip is to eat 2-3 colours at each meal.

Here's what this may look like:

Breakfast: blueberries & banana (in smoothie or over porridge etc)

Snack: apple & carrot (with hummus etc)

Lunch: sweet potato, spinach and sweetcorn

Snack: raspberries & pineapple

Dinner: red peppers, rocket and aubergine

Just by sticking to this simple tip, you'll easily get to about 8-10 portions of fruits and vegetables each day - filling up your nutrient reserves and fuelling your body with nourishing food that makes you feel so much more energised.

2. Increase your intake of fibre

This may come as a surprise to you, but if you're not getting enough fibre in through your diet, you will be more likely to reach for unhealthy 'quick pick-me-ups' and eating big portions of them too. So just by increasing your fibre intake, you can control a lot of the spontaneous munchies that throw your balance off.

Eat more wholegrains: pick a wholegrain to include in each meal.

3. Drink more water

To balance off the increased fibre intake, your body needs plenty of fluids. Most of us are not drinking enough water to begin with - and especially not when we're increasing our fibre intake... so be sure to fill up that glass often and finish it too!

Filling up on the good stuff makes you feel energised and not restricted or limited in your options.

Adding more of the healthy, nutritious and filling options into your meals will slowly begin shifting the routine and you will begin to crave them too!

What you eat a lot of, you want a lot of!

This is true for the good stuff as much as it is true for the unhealthy things that sneak their way into our diets.

Being able to take control of the fuel we feed ourselves & our families with is one of the reasons why I've been working really hard to bring you this opportunity...

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