4 Easy Ways To Smooth Out The Return to Work

Easy ways to smooth out the return to work

As the summer is drawing to a close and us Mums start mentally preparing ourselves for the inevitable return to work – and school/nursery routines for the little ones – I think it’s crucial to, first of all, *not lose hope* at the thought of returning to routines, and secondly, but quite as importantly, seeing the back to school/work/nursery/reality as a great time to reset some unhealthy or unwanted habits that lingered around before.

As a Family Nutritionist and because this topic is so close to my heart, I wanted to write a brief blog post on how to make the back-to-work- reality seem like a chance to make a positive change in your life, instead of dreading it like doomsday.

So here we go: 4 super easy ways to smooth out the return to work

1. Start by making a plan for the post-holiday time (sounds obvious)

Be sure to include food shopping into this plan, as a healthy and balanced diet is often the first to go out the window when time is short.

First of all, think about the easy, go-to- recipes you know your family loves and rotate those for the first 2 weeks. Add 2 new ones in between and cook high batches of food each time you cook so that you can easily have some leftovers for lunch the next day and even for dinner the following night.

Prepare a ‘go-to’ shopping list of the basics that your family will include in the weekly shop – include some carrots, cucumber, sugar snap peas and peppers. These will make excellent snacks for the whole family with a pot of hummus or yoghurt dip.

2. Eat more

I know this sounds weird but cutting meals is often the first option for many people to try to ‘get back on track’ with their diets and ‘normal lifestyle’… by doing this you slow can slow down your metabolism, will suffer from fluctuating energy levels and even setting yourself up for a late-night binge – as your body tries to get enough energy to fuel your body’s functions and let’s face it, after a long day of not eating regularly, what is the first thing you’d like to eat? Not a carrot stick and hummus, I’d say.

So make sure you stick to a healthy eating pattern by eating regularly; 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between. This way you’re priming your body for the best possible energy levels throughout the busy days ahead.

3. Stick to schedule

When it comes to post-holiday resetting, the most important thing you can do for long-term success is to stick to your plan – whether you feel like it or not. So when it comes to food, eat regularly and don’t graze. Stick to meal- and snack times.

Make sure your schedule includes the right kinds of foods by ensuring you get enough fibre, different colours of fruits and veggies as well as good quality protein. Combining fibre-rich ingredients with a bit of protein is a go-to – option any day! This might mean a whole apple with a spoonful of peanut butter or a few spoonfuls of hummus with carrot sticks or something along these lines.

By combining these nutrients you will stay satisfied and not just feeling full. They will help you keep cravings and energy dips at bay.

4. Be kind

Give yourself a break! Rome wasn’t built in a day – neither will your forever-balanced new life. We all make mistakes and forget our plans – a slip here and there doesn’t matter in the long run so don’t beat yourself up for missing a meal, choosing the unhealthy option or just *not caring* for a little while. It’s okay!

Tomorrow will be a new day, and you will get back on track towards the long-term goal – a balanced life.

Taru x

If you’d like any support or advice on how to make all this happen in your life, please get in touch with Taru @ ArcticNut Nutrition Coach. Email info@arcticnut.com or connect via social media.

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