7 Benefits of Meal Planning

Would you like to lose a few pounds and eat healthier, get your family eating a wider variety of foods and save money?

If you said yes, you're going to love this post!

How can you achieve weight loss, eat healthier and save money?

By starting to plan your meals!

Meal Planning is the key to success.

Most people I meet and talk with, don't like the idea of meal planning and always talk about it in the 'should' category. The truth is, meal planning doesn't have a reputation of being 'trendy' other than for 'fitness fanatics'...

This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, meal planning is such a great tool to achieve so much more balance and happiness in life that it's a shame it's so often over looked.

In my role, I'm an ambassador for meal planning, but in a way that makes the process as smooth, easy and inspiring as possible - because at the end of the day, no one wants to add another 'SHOULD' to their task list.

But the FEEL GOOD - factor you get from properly planning your meals and getting your whole family involved is something that you won't forget when you've experienced it.

This is why I'm hosting a workshop on this topic here in Kingston upon Thames - so if you're in the area, join us! We have a few spots left.

Here are 7 benefits of meal planning that you may not have realised:


By planning ahead, you actually save hours from your busy week schedules. How about that?


When you think in advance of the meals you're going to make that week, you're more able to choose the healthier options, include more vegetables and pick recipes that are delicious and healthy - not just delicious.


The process of meal planning takes away a lot of food waste that would otherwise occur from an ad hoc - style kitchen routine. When you plan ahead, you're more likely to use all the ingredients you have in the fridge that need to be enjoyed by a certain date.


This may sound odd to some, but when you actually plan your meals in advance, you're able to keep your blood sugar balanced and stay away from 'energy rollercoaster foods' that leave you feeling more depleted than you ever thought possible.

When meal planning, it's crucial that whatever you do, you don't start the process when you're hungry or very tired - as you're more likely to make 'convenience choices' rather than the 'balanced choices' you want to be making.


This one's a BIGGIE. It's the one I'm always talking about with my clients - by planning your meals, you can and will get your family more involved, take stress off your shoulders and even get the picky toddler to actually eat more foods that they're offered.


By planning your meals in advance, you can reach your fitness goals much easier - because as mentioned previously, your pre-planning ensures that you don't steer too far from your choice of healthy, energy boosting foods - which takes you towards your fitness goals day by day. But this of course, requires careful planning to ensure balance of macronutrients and the vitamins & minerals that either support or hinder your efforts.


This may be an odd one to many - but unless you have done meal planning before, you won't know what I'm talking about... being able to put your meals down in a plan allows you to review your dietary habits from a 'birds eye perspective' and that gives you incredible insight into the choices you make when it comes to food.


If you're new to meal planning, have read this post and are now thinking about giving it a go - before you do, please send me a message so that I can send you a great tool that you can use to plan your family's meals with very little effort.

The hours, pounds and ounces of energy & patience you'll save are such a powerful motivator to keep going!

Send me a message and get started!

I'll give you the tips, tools and motivation to start taking the steps towards a balanced, energised and lighter life.

Let's start NOW!

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