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That’s how the summer holidays went past… barely had time to realise I was on holiday and then, it’s suddenly August and time to get back to work, to real life and keeping track of all the to-do’s that seem to dominate the life of a working mum. Don’t get me wrong, the holiday was amazing, so relaxing and exactly what was needed after a really busy spring and early summer but it really is true, that ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

After a good break, it always comes as a shock (at least to me), of how much we need to keep track of – not just the day of the week (like I do on holiday) but the million other details that need to be taken care of each and every day to keep the ball moving forward. This is of course a great time to be evaluating your life, to take stock and make a conscious decision about how you want to run your life.

Think ahead

When you’re on holiday, you don’t really want to be thinking about what you’re going to be doing when you come back to work and the real life…. But using the last 2 days of your holiday to really think about what will need to be happening in your and your families lives for the first week of going back is a great time to re-evaluate what’s important.

When you get back to work, you will go through everything that has happened in your absence – your work email, messages from colleagues, clients and friends – you should also do this catching up on your personal life – and be honest, move anything back that isn’t absolutely necessary for the first 2 weeks of coming back. If it’s important, will have time.

Family rhythm

If you have a family, coming back from holiday is a huge change and time for resetting some routines and creating a new rhythm for the new season. Accepting that getting back into routine will take time, it will not be easy at first and will feel like such a waste of effort – but just give it time and accept that it’s a phase that will pass. Like jet lag.

Take this opportunity to start a new lifestyle – one that includes more planning ahead, less stressing out.

Plan ahead

This one might sound complicated, time-consuming and a waste of effort, but I guarantee you, once you get into the habit, you will save some much energy, time, money and most importantly your nerves. Include your kids in the planning as much as you can, so they feel like they’re part of the ‘bigger picture’ and are not just told what will happen.

Take time of your weekend to sit down and plan how things are done – what you are going to be eating, when are you going to be doing sports, hobbies and factor in social time too.

Use this simple Menu Planning tip to save a lot of time and money in the kitchen (and in the supermarket):

Cook big batches of 2 meals for the week, and then spread it out during the week so that you have breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted, for example like this:


Breakfast: Prepare and eat: Cranberry, banana, chia, oat smoothie

Dinner: Cook and eat: Bean chilli with brown rice


Breakfast: Prepare and eat: Porridge with blueberry and almond butter

Dinner: Cook and eat: Sweet potato, lentil and orange soup


Breakfast: Just enjoy: Cranberry, banana, chia, oat smoothie

Dinner: Reheat and eat: Bean chilli and brown rice rolled into a tortilla


Breakfast: Reheat and eat: Porridge with blueberry and almond butter

Dinner: Cook and eat: Sweet potato, lentil and orange soup with toast


Breakfast: Avocado toast with sesame seeds and poached egg

Dinner: Cook and eat: homemade pesto pasta with smoked tofu crumble

As you see in this super simple plan, you end up only making 2 meals for the ‘core’ of the week and these can be slightly altered for the leftover meal so that you end up eating meals that are not the same – with very little effort. Choose meals that are staples in your house, so that you can spend as little time and effort in the kitchen following your comeback from chilled holiday life.

Hope you found this quick ‘routine-setter’ useful and just as friendly reminder, don’t worry if it feels like you need to ‘lay low’ for a few weeks after the holiday. That’s totally normal! Just let yourself off the hook, respect your boundaries and don’t get used to over-stretching yourself – as that can and will as easily become the norm, which will eventually burn you out.

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