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As Mums, we’re usually the ones who carry most of the mental load

- we care for the family, home and managing the social life - and work if we’re at that stage.

With all of these responsibilities, making sure that we are confident about our choices makes all the difference!

When we are busy, we often tend to overlook the importance of focusing on the food we eat, opt for the quick ‘convenient’ option that can be loaded with unhealthy ingredients and with an unbalanced nutrient profile.

This will then lead to us not feeling satisfied or energised - sometimes even full on tired after our meals - which often leads to a vicious circle of more quick convenience options that lead to energy slumps and disappointment.

Feeding your growing family with food that you feel confident about is a concern I see in clinic very often. This relates to the source of the food, the quantities, the ecological impact and last but not least the price of the food they buy. 

Let’s face it, most often, it’s us Mums who need to plan and implement the FOOD STRATEGY in the home. I know this sounds technical…. but we all have one, whether it’s a conscious one or not, we have one.

Many Mums are worried about the ecological and environmental impact of the food choices they make for their families and this causes stress when it has not been addressed.

Addressing the source of the stress and understanding WHY it’s a source of stress for us means that we can positively reframe the small, but significant choices we make on a daily basis - such as choosing a local product/produce instead of an imported one or picking seasonal ingredients that cost less.

If you find yourself worrying about the food you feed your family with, why not stop to evaluate your PERSONAL values and WHY these matter to you.

Sometimes taking a step back to really evaluate what matters to us helps us to see all the little decisions that we need to take in a different light - and the choices don’t seem like such hard ones to make after we have realigned ourselves with our values.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What makes me feel good?

  2. Why does this matter to me?

  3. How would I feel if I didn’t act according to my values?

Taking some time to focus on what matters to us makes it easier to have perspective on the stressors of daily life.

I know a lot of Mamas spend time worrying about the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits their kids are having - as according to statistics, not a single age group is achieving the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

This is made worse by the lack of reliable information available to busy Mums who don’t have hours to spend on reading exhaustive guides and creating swans and ducks out of bananas and apples for their little munchkins to enjoy on a daily basis. 

Eating a balanced vegetarian diet has been shown to increase the intake of all things colourful! It is also more often than not higher in fibre and good quality fats.

Eating a vegetarian diet is known to be more earth friendly as well as being cheaper than an omnivore diet.

So to ease your stress and act according to your value, challenge yourself to try a month of vegetarian eating. You don’t have to wait until Veganuary to make this change - try it now, before Christmas and see how much of a difference it makes to your eco anxiety, your family energy levels and family’s finances.

If you’d like to try feeding your family with a vegetarian diet but are not 100% how to proceed, send me a message.

I’m a specialist in planning balanced vegetarian and vegan family diets and feel passionate about helping other Mums to balance the mental load by ensuring a good plan is in place for the diet & nutrition of the whole family.

Book a FREE 30 minute HEALTH ASSESSMENT CALL to find out what a balanced vegetarian diet could do for you and your family.

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