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Feeling bloated, tired and over-stretched after Christmas? After all the fun & games, eating and drinking foods that you don’t normally eat, you find yourself feeling depleted.

Before you start wallowing in despair or feel like you don’t know what to do with your life, I’ll tell you a story..

A client of mine, a young woman, had found herself eating unhealthy for a while and just opting for the easy, quick options that would fill her up until the cravings hit again.

She was very tired, sluggish and lacked body confidence… until I met her, just out walking our dogs, we talked and she found herself intrigued by our chat – as we had started talking about our dogs and their wellbeing and that lead on to discussing wellbeing in general.

After a while, she wanted to know what I had done to turn my own wellbeing around – and I told her, as honestly as I could..

This was me 7 years ago; bloated, tired and unbalanced

Nearly six years ago, I had turned towards a plant-based, holistic diet… lost nearly 8 kilos and gained bucketloads of energy only to find that the quality of my sleep improved, mental focus returned and most importantly, I felt like I was eating in a way that was kind to my body, the environment and our finances.
Ever since that decision in my twenties, I have been feeling and looking better than I ever have. And that’s coming from a mum in her thirties.

Happy and well fed Mama

This is just one of the affirmative ways that eating a more plant-based diet can impact your life, which is why, after seeing and feeling the positive changes in my own life, I wanted to create a small challenge that can inspire you to make the small step towards a healthier, more energised and confident you.

As a Mum and role model, your children deserve that!

Join the 3-DAY PLANT-BASED ENERGY AND CONFIDENCE – challenge starting on tomorrow, 6th of January, by clicking the link below:

Plant-based Energy & Confidence

It's all happening inside a private Facebook group + free training, Menu Plans and workbooks. Don't miss out!


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