The ever-changing Seasons & Hormones

The change of the seasons can bring on a lot of changes in ourselves, with us realising it or not, which means that during this time, it’s a great idea to STOP. TAKE A DEEP BREATH and really focus on what you need at the moment.

When autumn arrives, most animals prepare for hibernation, migration or stocking up for winter – leaves start turning all shades of yellow and orange. Because of changes in the length of daylight and changes in temperature, the leaves stop their food-making process.

The chlorophyll breaks down, the green colour disappears and the yellow to orange colours become visible and give the leaves part of their autumn splendour. If the change of seasons affects the rest of the natural world so immensely, how could it not affect us?

As women, we also have to consider that hormones can affect every part of our lives, no matter what age we are. They can cause problems with energy, mood swings, food cravings, memory, concentration, anxiety, tension and irritability. These are frequently emphasised during times of stress and often, during the change of seasons – as it affects our lives in more ways than we care to admit.

Autumn Review

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you know what your body requires during the shorter daylight hour – days and long nights?

  2. How does it react to the drop in temperatures?

  3. What does this do to your mind and energy levels?

What we can all do is turn inward, listen to our needs during this time of shifting into ‘a different gear’, as I’d like to call it.

Our bodies & minds operate very differently during the summer and winter. Knowing how yours reacts is hugely important for your wellbeing!

What we can all do is to focus on ensuring our diet is generally balanced and optimised for hormone balance. Okay sure, but how do I do that, I hear you asking!

Here’s a quick 7-step diet checklist:

  1. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and berries

  2. Eat unrefined carbohydrates – whole grains, such as brown rice, oats, wholemeal pasta/bread, quinoa, spelt etc.

  3. Eat phytoestrogens, including beans, lentils, chickpeas and soya products.

  4. Drink enough fluids (water and non-caffeinated drinks)

  5. Increase your intake of fibre (through the steps mentioned above)

  6. Eat oily foods, suck as nuts, seeds and oils

  7. Focus on food sources, buy organic or wild grown where possible

Gone through the checklist and now worrying about HOW to proceed?

Don’t worry! Here are 3 great ways to implement these positive dietary changes into your daily life.

  1. Start with a smoothie in the morning that is packed with berries, some fruit, lots of oats, seeds and water. (RECIPES BELOW)

  2. Eat a lentil salad for lunch/dinner with roasted vegetables, toasted nuts and avocado with olive oil and lemon juice dressing

  3. Power through the day with balanced snacks, pairing a source of carbohydrate with some protein + healthy fat.


  • Try a home made Seabuckthorn granola (see this recipe) with some soya yogurt, sliced banana, sprinkle of chia seeds

  • Oatcakes and apple, nut butter

  • Berry chia pudding with oats

  • Make a big batch of granola bar by mixing oats, berries (try this one), bananas, chopped nuts, coconut flakes, spices and flax seeds (just mix all of these together and put into the oven for 20mins) - this is a favourite in our house!

  • Mixed berry snack balls (try this recipe)

As you can see from these very concrete examples, ensuring you consume a balanced diet doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our needs change with the seasons and so does the list of seasonal produce available to us – let’s connect with nature’s rhythm and listen to what our bodies need in each stage.

Personally, I have welcomed the change in season, hormones and re-shifting the balance in my diet to a more wintery, cold season friendly one that seems to warm me up from the inside.

If you want any more tips or more of a bespoke plan that will balance you, hormones and all, please connect with me.

I only have 2 places left in my coaching programmes for the rest of the year so please do contact me if you're interested!

Lots of love,


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