Mum Mindset Focus

As mothers were torn between wanting to take care of our children’s needs, doing what they want us to do and what we SHOULD do for them.

It’s relentless. And it can tire out even the most devoted and determined mum out there. I know, I've been there.

There are so many expectations placed on us that we rarely, if ever, stop to think what we NEED to do for ourselves - to get out of the never-ending cycle we're in.

If we really stopped to think about the big picture, it makes perfect sense to start with ourselves, taking care of our own needs and wellbeing allows us to:

  1. Set a powerful, positive example (children don’t listen, they imitate)

  2. Have the energy & mental focus to truly join our children mindfully in the moment (not just pretend to)

  3. Feeling healthier means you make healthier choices for your children too (you start to see new healthy options everywhere when you’re in the right mindset)

  4. Save money & resources

  5. Have more peace of mind and more clarity

This may sound like a totally foreign idea to you, but I dare you to think of it as an experiment, if you don’t feel truly ready to believe in it yet.

This experiment can truly turn your life around.

If you’ve existed before in a state of being aware of your own body & mindset not feeling your own or stuck in that unhappy, unsatisfied frame of mind & state of living but not yet been able to change it – this blog post is for you.

I want you to get unstuck and see the world like I see it now, full of opportunities for us to flourish, our children to model behaviour from us without us trying to struggle every single day to ‘tell them to do the right things’.

This mindset & mental focus is tied to every single aspect of our lives.

What we eat and drink is because we think a certain way, we buy a certain piece of clothing or cosmetic product because of the way we see ourselves and what we see as our options… what we think is possible is all down to our mindset. When you change your mindset, anything is possible.

This is why a lot of my work as a coach is centred around mindset. Our ultimate goal is always to create a nutritionally balanced individual who strongly believes in what they choose, why they choose them and therefore, acts with a focus & internal motivation that ensures all changes are sustainable.

Coming back to the topic of putting us Mamas first and tying it into the mindset picture – when we have a clear idea of what we want to change, we begin by changing our mindset TO GET THE OUTCOME we want.

I’m going to use an example here I often see in clinic:

Devoted Mum of 2 who has put the children’s wellbeing first but feels unhappy, resents her own body and tries very hard to talk her children into behaving in a way that is going to be healthy for them long-term, body and mind-wise.

This hard-working Mum is trying all she can to prioritise her children, thinking that taking care of herself is selfish and ‘there is no time for me now’, but what she doesn’t realise is that she’s fighting against a stronger power – our children sense when we are fully behind our decisions and when we’re not. They can read our emotions and this all affects how they respond to food.

Prioritising yourself, doing the mindset work and ensuring you are balanced is not selfish, it’s crucial to raising your children without the constant, never-ending nagging voice in your head saying ‘hypocrite’!

I’m a strong advocate of taking care of the mother so that she’s able to set a positive example that creates results, rather than the mum battling guilt and children’s wants & needs and doubting herself all the way. Let’s be real, our children don’t listen to us, the model our behaviour! Let’s use that to our advantage.

If you want to learn how you can do all this, so you can stop the dinnertime battles and self-doubt about food, book a FREE 30 minute consultation with me here.

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