No more!


But I can’t stand back and watch anymore without saying something... I don’t want to be a hypocrite to my 2 year old son... I refuse to be a part of it!!

What about you?

Did you know that by not choosing to eat meat, we could still save our planet?

What’s most terrifying is the thought of my son not having a safe planet to live on!

Do you know how much water, land and especially how much suffering is included, just to put meat on someone plate?

As a Mum coming out as a proud vegetarian in a culture and environment that is strongly meat eating and omnivorous diet -supporting has not been the easy choice… to be honest, it's terrifying!


Being staunch against eating animals is something that I have felt passionate about for quite a while, I’ve just been hiding it from most people..

I can’t do that anymore.

Because I can’t just sit back and watch this cultural habit destroy the world we are leaving our children - the precious world, the beautiful animals and nature we could still salvage.

IF EVERY-PARENT TOOK ACTION NOW and we didn’t faff around.

We could still save the planet!! Just by not eating meat.

Not eating animals is a choice. Just as eating animals is a choice that most people make on a daily basis.

Being a Mum, that’s a difficult one to fathom - how could I be choosing to eat meat when I know it’s one of the main contributors to green-house emissions and all the pain and suffering it’s causing all around the world.

Feeling like I am doing all I can to leave my son with a world & value system that focuses on empathy, caring and sustainability allows me to sleep well at night.

I’d be a hypocrite by explaining to my son that we choose to end so many lives on a daily basis that we can’t even keep a count of.

I can’t and I won’t!!

What will you decide?

If you are still eating meat. What decision will you make for your children and for their future?

The number one reason that most people hesitate about turning to a vegetarian diet is ’the lack of good options or ideas’….

Let me tell you: It’s just GROWING PAINS.

Like with any change, the beginning will be harder than it would be to stick to the old ways…


but by sticking to the plan for a week or two, even by forcing yourself to stick to it daily, will open up a whole new world for you…

One without guilt on the planet we will be leaving for our children. One without all the saturated fat and animal suffering. One with such an incredibly wide range of tastes, textures and cuisines that you will NEVER feel like you run out of ideas.

What are your thoughts, what stops you from becoming a vegetarian?

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