Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Before you close this blog post saying to yourself that you don’t have a pantry, hold on! This applies to your fridge, freezer, kitchen cupboards and the pantry, if you happen to be so lucky to have one.

My approach to the topic of a pantry makeover when health is concerned is sensible and simple.

What you don’t have in the fridge, freezer, cupboards or pantry you can’t eat – simple, right? What you buy into the house usually goes onto your plate as well.

I could argue, that no one has enough space in their kitchen for everything they want to have stored there; so cleaning out your kitchen makes even more sense when on top of this, you will be making your health a big favour. 

Here’s a simplified take on what to lose and what to replace it with in your kitchen.

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What's in your kitchen?




Ready-made meals, pre-made sauces (especially ones that don’t need to be refrigerated),food items with ingredient lists of more than 4 ingredients and you can’t pronounce more than 1 of them, get rid of them.

Replace with:

  • Canned beans, lentils and chopped tomatoes. (Ensure you pick the ones ‘in water’ and make sure there’s no added sugar or salt.)

  • Whole grains; quinoa, millet, spelt, brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat and farro

  • Dry wholegrain pasta (if you’re not using wheat, try brown rice pasta or spelt pasta)



Ready-made meals, processed meat and other processed stuff. Read the labels, if there’s more than 4 ingredients and you can’t pronounce more than 1 of them, get rid of them.

Replace with:

  • Fresh vegetables; carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, potatoes, fennel, ginger, bell and chilli peppers, cucumber, broccoli and different types of green leafy vegetables; kale, spinach, lettuce etc.

  • Fresh fruits; apples, bananas, pears, oranges, mangoes, lemons, limes and grapes



Ready-made meals, ice creams, lollies and other processed stuff.


  • Plain frozen vegetables; such as edamame beans, peas, carrots, sweet corn.

  • Fruits and berries; blueberries, cranberries, mango cubes (you can also freeze your overripe bananas, just halve or slice them before you freeze them).

  • If you like to add fruits to your water, slice ripe lemons and limes and put in freezer; use when you want to make lemon water.

If you compare these Lose and Replace – lists, you’ll notice a pattern… What you need to LOSE to make your kitchen, and therefore you, healthier, are the foods made by someone else and REPLACE them with foods that you can make something out of yourself.

So again, foods made by someone else, out! Fresh ingredients you can use to make meals, in!

This is the simplified version of a Pantry Makeover, but if you do want help healthifying your cupboards and whole kitchen, I can help you. Get in touch!

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