Small, Mindful Steps!

January brings along a new mindset about lightening up and energising this post-holiday period but many people also feel exhausted just thinking about making a change!

You're not alone.

Generally, people tend to consume a lot more calories during the festive period than they normally do, and this can lead to unwanted weight gain – that can then stick around and accumulate over time if readjustments aren’t made after the holidays.

Good news; the extra weight gain can be avoided with mindful eating and balanced but plentiful portions.

Focusing on plant-based foods can help with shifting this unwanted extra that slows you down and takes away from your focus and determination.

The Christmas holidays are a time to enjoy quality time with family, friends and good food. Which often leads to an imbalance of energy intake and expenditure – hence, you start noticing the extra weight and the bloating.

But hey, this happens to many because the Christmas period is such an anticipated time where families come together and relax, indulge and forget about the daily grind. It’s easy to lose track.

But hey, don’t despair!

In my clinic, I see clients daily with weight management goals and with each and every one, we go through these steps (among many others):

1. Do. Not. Skip. Meals.

2. Slow down.

3. Focus on WHAT YOU CAN HAVE, not what you CAN’T.

4. Ensure sufficient intake of water.

5. Plan ahead.

6. Concentrate on whole foods.

7. Start with small changes.

This list is just an example of what needs to be in focus when you’re thinking about lightening up your life – shifting that extra weight and feeling more energised.

If you want to tap into that flowing energy and feel like you’re once again back in control of your life and the choices you make on a daily basis, remember this;


Getting results that last means that you are making lifestyle changes that you want to keep is not ‘a diet or a quick fix’.

These are exactly what they suggest, short term and temporary. Do not go for those, they offer nothing but disappointment.

Believe me, as a nutrition professional, 30+ woman and Mum, I know.

Been there and done that. Not recommended for anything other than quick wins and disappointment.

But if you’re willing to make an investment into your own wellbeing and ready to start feeling more in control, confident and energised, start with this:

  1. Set some time aside to plan ahead for the results you want to see, give yourself enough time.

  2. Focus on 1 small aspect of the whole puzzle first; such as breakfast (how you start your day has such a huge impact on how the rest of the day plays out)

  3. For each small lifestyle adjustment, give yourself 1 week to implement – solely focusing on this change and making it happen daily for you.

  4. Join a community group, work with a coach or enlist a reliable friend to keep you accountable. But remember, not outsourcing the support can carry risks as you are putting a lot of expectations on a friend or especially if your accountability/support is reliant on a family member.

  5. Whatever you do, don’t over restrict yourself at any point, you’ll only do harm for the process and long-term results.

Well there you have a few actionable steps that you can start focusing on to begin seeing results from day 2, IF you choose to make it happen for yourself.

As well as the lists of what you can do, I thought I’d add some healthy recipes that can help boost your energy levels from the very first day.

So say, you’re starting with a focus on breakfast, how about you start your day with a smoothie, such as this:


And then include some healthy energy to prevent the dreaded afternoon slump that will get you reaching for the cookie jar in the blink of an eye. Try a recipe such as this:


Now that you’ve got yourself a plan and some recipes to start off with, it’s time to get cracking and start noticing the difference in no time.

Remember, small steps lead to big results!

And if you want help with getting started, take out the guessing and bring in targeted, tailored and easy adjustment to create big results!

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