What We Can Do

We are living in uncertain and worrying times...

To quote Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Director General of the World Health Organisation)

‘We are not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic… This is a time for facts, not fear.
This is a time for rationality, not rumours.”

So if you are feeling fearful and anxious, know this - this too shall pass and we will come out stronger. How we react to uncertainty and challenges is what determines the journey for us.

We are in uncharted waters and feelings of anxiety are likely to arise - and if you let them go unchecked, they will rule over everything.

The virus that created the pandemic is causing a respiratory illness but the quarantine, social distancing and disruption to normal life will cause a lot of mental health issues that can become a pandemic of their own if we don't pay enough attention to the mental health of individuals during these uncertain times.

When faced with uncertainty, we can all choose how we feel, react and talk about it.

That's within our power.

How we use that power is totally up us as individuals and no support or guidelines will come from the government to make us tackle this.

So here's a short summary of what we should all do to take care of our mental health:

  1. Focus on what you can control

  2. Take a short break from the news and fear inducing sites (such as negativity spreading groups and social media channels)

  3. Eat 5-8 portions of fruits and vegetables every day + drink plenty of water

  4. Get out every day for some fresh air (quiet bit of nature if you can)

  5. Practice a moment of yoga / meditation daily

  6. Talk about the things you are grateful for

  7. Take some me - time daily (even 5 minutes a day will help to reconnect with your feelings)

  8. Don't try to do it all

  9. Ask for help

  10. Remember that this too shall pass (and remind yourself of this daily)

This is something that affects every single one of us and no one is exempt from having moments of doubt, uncertainty and even anxiety - but no one should do is socially distance themselves from the people they love other than physically.

This is a time when we all need to come together and support one another!

Being able to positively reframe any situation helps to make the days lighter, shorter and more fulfilling.

I have always supported my clients with the stresses and anxiety that modern life brings, helped them to positively reframe their challenges and guided them in taking small actions daily that lead them in the right direction. Ultimately this has lead to improved quality of life, more energy, weight loss, better sleep and a more positive mindset that has inspired others around them to take better care of themselves.

Because of the situation that we're in, I've opened this mindset support & guidance service to everyone for a small fee - so that more people will be able to come out of this period of uncertainty stronger & healthier than they've been before.

As parents, this is such a crucial time to show our children that we can take control of what's within our power, let go of what we can't change and lead them with a calm & focused mindset.

This is my specialty, absolute passion and it makes me happy to be able to help even more people refocus and reframe - which leads to a positive balance and happier, healthier families.

If you'd like to get support and advice on how to thrive during this uncertain time, connect with me here:


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