What people say about working with me

Happy Woman

"I feel GREAT! I have kept on mostly vegan diet now for 9 months and apparently it shows, as people are commenting on how 'radiant' I look. The food is all so tasty, satisfying and surprisingly easy to prepare. Even eating out is not a problem, with most restaurants offering vegan options these days.

At my gym (where I do reformer Pilates, yoga and swimming), there is a machine that analyses body fat, muscle mass and all that, and it tells me that my metabolic age is 38 and body fat % is 18.7. I've lost 7 kg since our initial meeting.


Bloating and other stomach problems are a sad memory as are other aches and pains, come to think of it. Even my skin looks brighter! At 53 I feel way better I did in my early 40's.


It's all amazing to me! Not a week goes by without me stopping and feeling grateful to you for giving me the tools for this well being!"

Pia V., London

" I had the honour and pleasure to work with Taru during a coaching project. I have greatly profited from her high standard coaching skills to lead a healthier life. The one year journey that I did with her made me realize several elements in my daily habits that I could change for better.

Taru helped me to plan and assess my daily habits and lifestyle to a detailed level. Her guidance and expertise in nutrition and healthy habits really made a difference. Her methods are supportive to meet your individual needs and she excels at considering your lifestyle patterns. 


I found especially helpful to set measurable goals and not to be overly focused on weight loss or looks, but the entire health of your body and profound wellbeing.


The standard of my everyday life has clearly increased through the learnings that I got from Taru. I can sincerely recommend Taru for coaching especially what it comes to nutrition and leading a profoundly healthy everyday life."

Maija, London

Girl Enjoying her Drink

“I am so thankful to you, Taru, I don’t know how long I would have suffered if you haven’t coached me. I feel so much better now, I am more in control of my wellbeing because I know which things do me good and which - harm.


My IBS symptoms are as good as gone, I am never without a bottle of water to keep me hydrated, so, my frequent headaches are also a thing of a past now.

I have also progressed towards better everyday mindfulness and self-respect. I don’t drive myself up the wall with all the things I think I “must be” and “must do”, I take time to relax and restore my strength. Thank you!”

Ekaterina, Oxford

"Meeting Taru has helped me to transform my life for the better and her support and guidance, is incredibly encouraging. Taru is more than just a nutritionist, she is a lifestyle GURU and I received the advice and support I needed to manage not only my diet but exercise, daily routines and bad habits!


Her enthusiasm and dedication to what she does is admirable, inspiring and most importantly, infectious! I now have bundles of energy, and feel confident in managing a healthy routine and a solid and well-balanced vegetarian diet - all thanks to Taru!"

Emily B.

Happy Family

"I met with Taru as soon as I found out I was expecting. After spending the previous weeks unknowingly drinking celebrating a birthday with a friend and making bad food choices after spending long hours at work, I panicked. Discovering that my body was now a host for a tiny human, I sought her support in ensuring that the ensuing months would see my little one getting the best nutrition for a good start in life. 


Taru, was very supportive, she first took time to understand my nutrition goals, overall health and my current nutritional lifestyle, before making recommendations for going forward. I had many questions, which she handled by doing relevant research and even getting back to me later if she needed to confirm specific details. She supplied me with a lot of materials about safe pregnancy habits and recommended healthy alternatives to manage my cravings and any feelings a nausea. She introduced me to a very good App that monitors my physical activity and allows me to understand how much exercise I am doing over time. 


I was able to email Taru if I had a specific question outside of our planned sessions and she was very accommodating given my busy and often unpredictable schedule. Having incorporated her recommendations, I feel confident that Taru's guidance will make a positive difference in my pregnancy. I have plenty of energy and feel really good."

Chavanie C.

Portrait of a Smiling Woman

 "Taru is amazing! I cannot say that enough. Before I started seeing her I had really bad problems with my stomach and digestive system, and thought that I was eating a healthy balanced diet, boy was I wrong. I can't believe how badly educated I was when it came to food. And I'm really interested in food and it's nutritional values, especially after having children I wanted to make sure that I provided them with the best foods possible.


I'm still in the process of ruling things out that upset my delicate stomach, it's a long process because it needs to be done properly, but Taru is always there when I need to ask questions and is so professional and super supportive, something our precious NHS was unable to provide me with. This is one of the reasons I sought for her help.


I love the fact that she doesn't believe in diets, but in eating good foods from ALL food groups. She's so knowledgeable, and clearly loves and cares about her job, which I believe is more a calling, than a job to her."

Marie S. 

Yoga Stretches

Taru has helped me to put my eating habits into shape. Its easy to tell someone what they need to eat but to motivate one to want to change themselves is another thing. Taru's positive take on food and way of enjoying healthy eating made me do it. With her advice I know what are the important bits in my diet, considering that I want to bulk up, and how to eat delicious foods and feel so much better at the same time.

Sam, 30



I want to thank you for the good advice and comments on my queries for chances to improve my quality of living. As one gets older, one needs to be more conscious about food and choices in life. There are many easy ways to feel better and more energetic in our hectic everyday life. I have tried some of your suggestions and certainly will follow more of them as I can clearly feel better now. Thank you so much!.”

Mrs R, 57


"I started doing crossfit workouts few months ago and I also wanted to change my eating habits that I could see results faster and also eat healthier. ArcticNut's Taru made me a clean eating plan and now after few weeks of eating right I think I have more energy and strength and I also noticed my skin looks better. Thank you for the advice you gave me."  

TH, 28