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I help my​ clients feel confident about the food choices they make, empower them with the right kind of information and give them the right tools.


On top of this, I always ensure they stay accountable and on track. This creates positively glowing results!

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Ready to start exploring your options?

Book a FREE Consultation Call today - no obligation & no pressure to sign up.

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You're exhausted, feeling heavy and unfocused, feeling worried about the impact it's having on your life.. You feel confused and a little scared too and not quite sure what to do about it... 

Book this complementary call with me to discuss your worries, diet dilemmas and uncover options and resources that you didn't realise you had. 

The call is completely free, no obligation to sign up.

I only have a few spots available for each week. So book your spot now and let me help you feel a bit lighter and more focused in just 30 minutes.


FREE Consultation Call

Feeling exhausted, confused and heavy will be things of the past!

When you sign up for the Clarity & Confidence Programme, working with me, you will gain knowledge, confidence and have clarity on what the steps in your health journey will look like and how you will be achieving your goals. 

During the coaching programme, you will learn to eat for optimal energy balance for your individual needs, even out any nutritional deficiencies and start moving towards your perfect, healthy weight. You will start feeling the difference in just a few short weeks!


I will coach you, support you and keep you accountable throughout the journey so that you will never feel alone or confused about the next steps, instead, you will have clarity about what comes next and you will feel confident about making that next step. 

I'm absolutely thrilled to be helping you reach your healthy, balanced weight so that you can feel great about yourself again! I've been there myself and know first hand how incredible it feels.

The programme includes:

  • Total of 4 coaching sessions (each 1 hour)

  • Support&Accountability in-between sessions

  • 2 x Diet Analysis

    • Food diary evaluation of current nutritional status and possible deficiencies

  • Follow-up accountability call after package ends

  • 2 weeks of Meal plans with recipes

  • Shopping lists and bespoke pantry stocking lists

  • Tailored Wellness Plan to follow

    • Goal, Steps & Activity Guide

Investment: £347 or 2 x £173.50

Clarity & Confidence Programme

Are you ready to finally change your life for the better, want to feel energised, lose weight to feel lighter&fitter and are not looking for 'a quick fix'?


By investing in your health and working with me for 3 months, you are ensuring foundations for long-term wellbeing, not just for you, but also for your family.

Want to lose weight, have more energy and confidence?


My signature 3 - step method gives you the tools to get & maintain results with ease.

After this programme, you will feel and look lighter, have more energy, be in control of your food choices, feel confident in your own skin and what's best, love the body you have by happily choosing the options that make you feel your best, every day. 


I am there to coach you out of difficult moments, celebrate the (many) wins, support & guide you through the whole process and will keep you accountable and on track. That's my specialty! 

The length of the programme will be determined by us at the start, but usually worthwhile & sustainable results take 3-4 months to create. 


The programme includes:

  • Total of 9 coaching sessions (each 1 hour)

  • Support & Accountability in-between sessions

  • 2 x Diet Analysis

    • Food diary evaluation of current nutritional status and possible deficiencies

  • Follow-up accountability call after package ends

  • 4 weeks of Meal plans with recipes

  • Shopping lists and bespoke pantry stocking lists

  • Tailored Wellness Plan to follow

    • Goal, Steps & Activity Guide

Investment: £687 or 3 x £229

Natural Weight Loss & Glow

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Ready to have more energy, feel less exhausted and more confident about the diet choices you make for yourself and for your family?

The Diet Review will help you to uncover your nutritional balance and pinpoint any deficiencies that may be ​pulling you down / making you unbalanced.

The 3 Steps of Diet Review


  • 1 Diet Analysis + detailed breakdown of nutrients

  • 1 Review Session with me, 45mins

  • 1 Meal Plan for 7 days


Diet Review

“I am so thankful to you, Taru, I don’t know how long I would have suffered if you haven’t coached me. I feel so much better now, I am more in control of my wellbeing because I know which things do me good and which - harm." 

Got questions?

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A bit about how I work

I like to work in collaboration with my clients. We agree realistic steps together and I offer regular support to ensure maximum progress. I will be there to support you every step of the way via email or Whatsapp. 


My approach is personal, supportive and tailored to your specific needs.


I am particularly interested in nutrition in different life situations, the postnatal period, personal weight management, stress management and managing digestive issues such as IBS. All of these are issues I have dealt with myself as well, so they are very close to my heart. 


Poor diet and hectic lifestyles are affecting health, work and social life. With good nutrition, lifestyle advice and coaching, I can help you regain control and love food and life again.


I really believe that food can be nourishing and healing. I love inspiring people about good food as well as providing them with the tools to look after their own health!


Are you ready to improve your diet and feel healthy and energised again?

Cancellations: I know and appreciate that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled. However, I ask that you give me 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel a consultation session. Should you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice, a full fee may be charged.

Disclaimer: Nutrition Coaching does not replace, only compliments, your usual consultations with your doctor, in particular in relation to permanent symptoms requiring medical supervision. I may give information or guidance that could create a positive change and such information or guidance is given for your consideration. Although I will be as supportive and helpful as possible in all change processes and decision-making, any resulting choices and changes made by you remain your personal and legal responsibility. 

Founder of MamaWorksKT - Mums' CoWorking Community with flexible childcare.

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